Brighton is the hipster capital of the world!

We had a little chuckle in the office this month when we saw the headline in Homes & Property that Brighton has been named the hipster capital of the world. That’s right, you did read that correctly, not England, THE WORLD! Surely London, New York, or LA would have something to say about this.

It turns out that in a tongue in cheek survey, cities around the world were judged on criteria including number of record stores, coffee shops and tattoo parlours per person. It’s also worth noting the top 40 cities all had a population below one million. So what does this mean? Nothing in all likelihood but it does demonstrate once again what a fun-filled city we’re lucky enough to live in.


Global hipster ranking: 1

Number of record stores per 100,000 people: 9.142

Number of coffee shops per 100,000 people: 125.381

Average house price: £416,973


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