First impressions

We often get asked what the most important room of the home is when selling and then surprise our clients by telling them it’s the hallway. We’re well aware that kitchens and bathrooms are important to buyers and it would be daft to ignore these. They are expensive to change and if they’re tired and tatty can be a turn-off to buyers but the hallway is your homes secret weapon. The hall is usually the first and last thing that any potential buyer will see, as the saying goes, first impressions count. Here’s five tips for getting your hallway right:

  1. Not strictly the hallway, but clean and paint your front door. You want it to be smart and welcoming.
  2. If you have carpet in the hall or on the stairs make sure it is clean and not too worn. If it is worn, replace. New carpets are relatively inexpensive and can drastically change the appearance.
  3. The walls in the hall and on the stairs can take quite a battering – especially if you bring in bikes or buggies. Make sure the paintwork is neat, smart and fresh – and don’t be afraid of a splash of colour. Warm tones are welcoming.
  4. If you store bikes or buggies in the hall take them out before photos and viewings. It may be practical to keep them in the hall for day-to-day living but it will make the hall cramped and no-one on a viewing wants to sidle past oily chains or muddy wheels.
  5. Its obvious and applies to all rooms but do de-clutter. Don’t leave loads of post out or kids toys. Try not to have too many coats hanging up, or dog leads, or umbrellas. All of these suggest the house is smaller than it is and doesn’t have enough storage.

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