House buying is about compromise… or is it?

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We are always speaking to buyers about the compromises they have to make when buying a new home. Sadly, even for the top 1%, buyers nearly always have to compromise on some aspect of their new home. Whether it is a big compromise such as location or school catchment areas or something more trivial such as room size or the garden’s aspect, it is something most house hunters have to go through. So it brought a smile to our faces when we saw this unusual (and completely bonkers) solution from a couple in the West Country. They literally moved their current home, brick by brick, to the location they were after. Read the full story here…

Brick by brick, couple move Georgian manor 30 miles away


Top tips for finding the right property…

  1. Look at lots of properties of different styles and different locations at the beginning of your search. It’s amazing how often a buyer’s perfect home is not what the imagined.
  2. Make a list of ‘must-haves’. Tick them off when you view a home. Anything left is a compromise but see if you could live with it.
  3. Stick to your budget. If you look too much over budget you’ll always be disappointed with the places you can afford.
  4. If a property is nearly right, go back again. There is no substitute for a second look. On the first viewing be practical; on the second viewing imagine it as home.
  5. Go with your heart. Everything above is irrelevant if you just didn’t ‘feel it’.

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