Impact Of Marketing And Home Improvements

Importance Of Selecting The Right Agency

We are proud to offer our clients bespoke and professional marketing when it comes to all our properties.

Investing in your home isn’t just about making home improvements. When it comes to selling in Brighton, picking the correct estate agency that has the tools and skills to market your property is key. FocalAgent recently ran a study over the course of three months that showed properties with a professional marketing pack sell up to 48 per cent quicker than properties without. Professional marketing packs consist of professional photography, floorplan, 360° virtual tours and premium listings.

Home Renovations A Positive Or Negative?

In recent years we have seen a huge rise in popularity with renovating properties and making home improvements. Recently the slightly quirkier renovation has been popular. We have seen a high number of architects injecting a bit of fun into their properties with playground features throughout the home. Most recently gracing the cover of Architectural Digest was architect Nicolo Bini who created what she dubbed as an ‘’adult playhouse’’. The home consisted of ball pits, slides, secret tunnels and an abundance of colour.

Many celebrities have created these playground oasis’s, but this doesn’t mean regular home renovations can’t get in on the fun. A good example of this is found on Instagram under ‘’thehousethatjackandjanebuilt’’ who have spent the last two years renovating a derelict property. Incorporated in the build is a large winding slide that takes the children and adults from one floor of the property down to the basement level.


Before you start adding any weird and wonderful features to your home, its easy to wonder if the time and money spent creating these things will eventually benefit you when it comes to the sale of you home. An article released in 2017 on ‘’HuffPost’’ said studies showed although having something slightly out of the ordinary in your property didn’t decrease the value it also didn’t add anything. That doesn’t mean it isn’t great fun though.

If you aren’t feeling convinced that’s the right course of action for your home, some more general improvements such as converting wasted garage space into a stylish home office or gym might just be the thing. This home improvement has been one of the most favoured transitions over the first lockdown. Turning the garage into a usable living space is a great way of adding footprint to the property, along with adding additional value. The extra space a garage conversion offers can add between 10-20 per cent to the value.

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