Is virtual reality changing how we view homes?

Having worked in estate agency for many years now I have seen a number of innovations come and go. Often these ‘gimmicks’ add nothing to the overall marketing and presentation of the property; who remembers video tours which were little more than a series of still images on rotation with elevator music piped over the top. However, the latest marketing tool to hit the property industry may just be a game-changer – virtual reality tours.

VR tours have been making inroads into the media and gaming industries over the past couple of years but it is only really in the last six months that we have seen this creep into estate agency. And it makes complete sense; this is an industry that depends on showing off homes in as much glorious detail as possible. The initial excitement around VR tours was the ability for buyers to be able to view a property for the first time without needing to be there which is great for buyers moving to the Brighton and Hove from London, or further afield. In effect, any viewings at the property would be second viewings. In actual fact, the feedback from viewers is that the VR tour is most useful when acting as a reminder after a whole day of viewing homes.

So, for a buyer this is a fantastic additional tool when property searching, but it’s also an invaluable tool for sellers too. Any tool that enhances your listing on the major property portals – Zoopla, Rightmove, Prime Location – must be important to attracting viewings. Buyers will also approach the viewing with more confidence this is the house for them as they will have already viewed, albeit virtually, and as a result it is the ‘hot buyers’ coming round. Less viewings but better viewings is the dream for any vendor.

Q Estate Agents provide free virtual reality tours to all our clients. If you would like a demonstration of how Virtual Reality tours work feel free to call into the Q Estate Agents office at 195 Lewes Road, Brighton, BN2 3LA or visit


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