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It has been an interesting last six weeks as I have moved house for the first time in nine years. As an estate agent we see the trials and tribulations of the moving process and can perhaps be a little guilty of forgetting the stress involved in the process. After all, we see it every day and know that there is a solution to most issues that arise. But having been on the other side of the fence, it has given me a new appreciation of just how stressful the whole process can be.

The first pearl of wisdom I can give is to make sure you have the right people on your side. This starts with selecting an estate agent you trust and who has a clear strategy for selling your home. You need to trust their advice, be sure they understand your requirements, and trust them to get your sale through to completion. It all sounds straightforward but an experienced guiding hand can make all the difference, so choose wisely.


The next decision anyone moving needs to make is choosing a solicitor. Again, this seems as if it should be easy, and you’d be forgiven for thinking they all offer the same service but it’s not that simple. The choice these days is mind-boggling; from cheap on-line conveyancing companies to expensive long-established firm. In my case I went local – and I’m glad I did; there is a certain reassurance in knowing your solicitor is just down the road. We needed to exchange quickly after several delays and were able to pop in to our solicitor’s office and sign the contracts and exchange that afternoon – this probably saved our sale.

Once you have this support structure in place and know you have the right people working for you it makes everything else so much simpler. Issues will arise – for us it was major roof works – but with the right people around you it is much easier to resolve these problems and have the confidence that your sale will go through and your purchase is the right one.

But perhaps the best piece of advice I can give is be prepared. Before you go on the market make sure you have all the paperwork in place. Speak to your agent and solicitor about what you may need. If you’ve made alterations to your property fish out any building regulation certificates or planning documents. If you’re selling a flat make sure you know and understand your lease, maintenance responsibilities and charges. And if you’re worried a survey may throw up major issues consider having your own survey carried out. Follow these simple tips and although I can’t promise a stress free move, I can promise that the process will be a lot easier.

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