Renting student property in Brighton couldn’t be easier through Q Estate Agents.  Once you and your friends have found your perfect student house, you will be asked to put down a holding payment of your agency fees to reserve the property and take it off the market.  These agency fees become due and are payable on the day of reserving a property and signing the holding agreement.

This holding deposit is £200 per person and can only be taken at the Q Estate Agents office.  Each student must provide valid photographic student ID card, their passport and if necessary their residency visa.  All student tenants will need to have someone who can stand as guarantor for them on the joint tenancy agreement.  The holding fee is non-refundable in the event that you pull out of the let or fail the referencing process.

You will then need to be referenced by our out of house referencing agency Vouch.  All students must meet the following criteria to pass:

  • Have a clean credit history.
  • Provide Student ID and Passport
  • Have positive references from previous landlords

All guarantors must meet the following criteria:

  • Guarantors must be a UK resident
  • Guarantors must have an income of 3 times the rent paid by the tenant they wish to guarantee. This income must be confirmed by a third party i.e. Employer, Accountant or the last 2 years self assessment tax return forms.
  • If a guarantor wishes to be referenced on savings instead of income, they must show bank account statements that prove their savings do not fall below 3 times the full rent payable for the term of the tenancy for the tenant they wish to guarantee.
  • Guarantors must have clean credit history.


  • All students and their guarantors will have to complete an online reference form emailed to them by Vouch.
  • You will have 14 days to pass the referencing or we will re-market the property.
  • When all tenants and guarantors have passed the referencing your lead tenant will be sent a request for the Damage Deposit to be paid.
  • All students will have to sign the tenancy agreement by e-signature via Docusign. As all our tenancy agreements are joint assured shorthold tenancy agreements, every tenant must sign the tenancy agreement before anyone can move in.

The Move In

Once all students and guarantors have passed referencing you will need to arrange for your lead tenant to pay the Deposit by bank transfer to our client account.  We will set up the tenancy agreement at this point for e-signing and you will have 14 days to do so.  We will not counter sign the tenancy agreement on the landlords behalf without payment of the damage deposit.  If you are unable to pay the damage deposit will re-market the property.

Once the deposit is paid, it is registered with our Deposit Scheme.  You are then secure in the fact that you have secured you house for the next academic year.  We then require the lead tenant to make the first rent payment no later than three working days before the tenancy starts.

Please arrange a time and date to pick up a key from the office on or after your move in date. If we are supplying a schedule of conditions for the property then you will have seven days to amend and sign the document.

  • Future rent payments should be paid by standing order (Natwest, Q Client Account, 11524626, 60-10-30). Standing orders can be set up online or at your bank.


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