Scandi-Chic comes to Q

The trend for mid-20th Century furniture shows no sign of abating and here at Q we are very excited to be marketing this stylish home that has embraced the style. What we really love is the mix of Victorian charm with 50’s elegance. The attention to detail is simply amazing with clever storage solutions meaning the minimalist look isn’t compromised by visible televisions and other ‘essentials’.

What we also love is the fact that despite the minimalist look the property is comfortable with each room serving its homely purpose. There is also a real sense of humour throughout whether it’s the shark armchair with fish cushion in its mouth or the drinks cabinet that lights up when opened. The mix of materials means that some rooms have a touch of opulence while even starker rooms, such as bathrooms, benefit from little touches like underfloor heating. And, of course, any true scandi-chic home wouldn’t be complete without a sauna.

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