Some glowing feedback

Sometimes you just have to share…

And we were very pleased to receive this glowing tribute from one of our clients.

“Have you heard of a Special Estate Agent?
Let me introduce you to Q Sales and Lettings.
Forget the commonly-held assumptions:
They’re all corrupt; They just want your money.
Forget the ‘neighbourhood-friendly’ ones, who

are praised in gushing language, as though we
are all part of one big happy family and even
the budgie says thank-you….
I’ve bought and sold in Hanover seven times, this
time went through three Agencies before I came
to Q. The first of these involved my Solicitor’s
intervention to release me from an invalid and
illegal Contract. The third Agency was either
downright incompetent or exceptionally ruthless.

Q sold my house for the asking price. James Beale,
Jose Quintana, Jim Quintana, the three Directors,
are equally qualified, mature men who have taken
on board every detail of the buying and selling
process, and have made it their business to employ
skill and sensitivity from start to finish.
Quiet confidence, patience, in-depth knowledge of
the structure, location and history of a property are
matched by their quality of presentation. I don’t
mean laminated, excessive brochures. One’s home
is presented in a manner unique in this cut-throat
business. Unusual angles, telling details, give an
impression of the property that has a far stronger
impact than the two extremes practised by other
Agents: immaculate lists and pictures of everything,
window to the front aspect…and/or a gushing, florid
intro worthy of Mills and Boone.
Quality of service, respect, maturity, welcome (whether
or not you buy and sell with them), and
awareness, were present throughout. They speak slowly,
repeat phone numbers clearly, use your preferred phone.
There is no pressure. There is guidance without intrusion.
Consideration is given to how to conduct a viewing. Most
of the viewings of my house exceeded half-an-hour. That
speaks volumes.
Selling one’s home is a serious business. The worst of
acts in the current climate. Go to the Agency and the
three men who know this, and really to care about
quality. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

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