The return of Studio Q


It’s only a month until the start of the Brighton Festival and Studio Q will once again be opening its doors as part of the Artists Open Houses. This year we’ve got our best line-up yet as we see a mixture of new faces and the return of a few old favourites. Philomena Harmsworth will be in attendance every weekend to discuss her work and inspirations, and we expect to see the other artists at various points to talk you through their work. Studio Q is part of the Hanover Trail and this promises to be the must-see trail of the festival.

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Bret-Stevenson---Lights Lights – Bret Stevenson

Philomena-Harmsworth---Three-Policemen Three Policemen – Philomena Harmsworth

May-Everett---Woodcut-Tangerine-Man Tangerine Man – May Everett

Lucinka-Soucek---The-Tunnel The Tunnel – Lucinka Soucek

Terry-Horton---Last-Supper Last Supper – Terry Horton


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